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Remedy / Opening reception

Postcard #1 Remedy

22.12.2022 – 22.01.2023

How to heal, how to stay strong, how to be resilient.

Cream Athens is pleased to present Remedy, an exhibition of new works by 28 ground-breaking artists,

taking place at TAF [The Art Foundation] in the heart of Athens, Monastiraki from Thursday 22 December 2022 to Sunday 22 January 2023.

In a year in which the world continued to face a devastating pandemic among other global challenges, a theme emerged from the search data; the global pursuit of healing and finding a way forward. According to Google, within 2021 the world searched for affirmations and ways to come back stronger, more than ever before.

A remedy can be a treatment that relieves pain or cures a condition; a way of correcting something or solving a problem; a positive statement that challenges negative or unhelpful thoughts. It is the legal means to recover something or to prevent or obtain redress for a wrong; when someone says they are sorry for an argument; it’s the healing process that brings everything to the light and closes a chapter with lessons learned and a new day in front of us. The intense grief and loneliness felt around the world, as well as the pain of ongoing inequity, have become lasting reminders of how much we need each other, not just for comfort and support, but to face challenges that require our collective action to solve.

Featuring new works by Greek and international artists, Remedy hopes to delve further into the capability or necessity of a constant effort to come closer to our nature.


Alexandros Alekidis, Emi Avora, Klavdia Balampanidou, Theo Bargiotas, Lila Boutari Lalaouni, Child of Difficulty,  Lefteris Delimpasis, Athena Gronti, Haotique, Irzzy, Holly Kay Silius, Harsimran Juneja, Melina Mosland, Vasilis Kampouris, Michaelis Karaiskos, Anders Lindseth, Charoula Nikolaidou, Ioannis Markakis, Konstantinos Mouchtaridis, Christina Papaioannou, George Petsikopoulos, Annie Riga, Alex Rokadakis, Jenny Saridi, Aliki Sitzoglou, Miriam Steinmacher, Eirini Vlavianou, Olga Irene Zafeiropoulou

Curated by Nia Hefe Filiogianni

Exhibition programme

Opening reception

Friday 23 Dec 2022, 7 – 10pm


Thursday 22 Dec 2022 – Sunday 22 Jan 2023

Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 8 pm

(Please note that on 24, 25, 31 Dec 2022 & 1 Jan 2023 the gallery will remain closed)


Performance | 7 Jan 2023, 11-12 pm

Workshops | 15 & 23 Jan 2023, 12-3 pm

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TAF | The Art Foundation

Normanou 5, Monastiraki


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