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The Space Between I Exhibition

About the exhibition

The Space Between is an exhibition featuring the works of graduating Visual Arts students from Τhe American College of Greece Elena Gazi and Eden Scroggins. It is co-curated by students from the Art History program, Athina Lasithiotaki and Katerina Milesi. The exhibition also features objects and household items from the artist Frances Rich, courtesy of the Frances L. Rich Estate.

The exhibition places the viewer in the liminal space between the two artists’ immersive installation spaces. Informed both by science fiction and the culture and practice of textiles, Scroggins’ Pocket Dimension, presents an alternative dimension with brightly colored, handcrafted, alien forms made of woven fabric and wire that invade and disrupt the planes of her installation. The work emphasizes the hidden cracks between materials, practical methodologies, and uncanny emotional experience. Gazi’s Ark of the Forgotten is a sanctuary of abandoned objects, toys, fabrics, and bones that have been recovered, collected, and sculpted into an altar. In contrast with museum tactics, the Ark of the Forgotten lets these objects garden their own narratives and personal mythologies.

Together, childhood memories invade cosmic worlds, while [household] furniture, the relics from a previous artist’s life, is scattered in the space between. The viewer is called into a liminal space, to participate in a tribute to nostalgic recollections and speculative futures. The exhibition explores the distance between here and there, acknowledging the presence of the void.


Opening: Friday, April 28 18:00-21:00

Duration: April 29-May 11

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 15:00-18:00 Saturday 12:00-16:00

Where: ACG Gallery, Deree – The American College of Greece, 6 Gravias Street, 15342, Aghia Paraskevi, Athens

Organized by: Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts


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