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Christina P. Mallaki: Tik-Tok has helped small businesses and large multinationals to increase their profits

Countess Wilhelmina, Christina P. Mallaki, the diverse person speaks to “A”


Zeta Tzioti writes


Christina Mallaki and I have known each other since our student years. He always stood out for many reasons. Smart, with stellar behavior, she left her mark. When I learned that he left for New York, I was not at all surprised. I thought that she finally went to an environment that suited her perfectly. I learned from mutual friends her news and her collaborations in the glorious era of fashion and showbiz, when all this sounded like a fairy tale to us in Greece.

A few years ago I met her at a fellow students and I was surprised. “I’m back,” he told me. “I want to be close to my family.” As time went on and we talked, she seemed even more beautiful than before, more organized, uncomplicated, a woman full of experiences from New York, willing and with good humor to share them with her friends.

After studying at the American College, Christina continued at the Parsons School of Design in New York and then at Warwick University in England. At the same time, she worked for the American ELLE and the Greek VOGUE. He has collaborated with world-renowned designers such as DKNY, Vera Wang and many others..

-Christina, you are one of the designers who started your company in the Greek market of costume made jewelry during the crisis. How difficult was that?


-When I went to the tax office to get started, the tax collector asked me three times if I was sure!
It was quite difficult. Everyone else said so, but this new venture did not seem so impossible to me because in the crisis there are opportunities, you just have to dare it and try with passion and vigor.


-Tell us about the plans of your winter collection and your fortunes for 2021.


-For winter 2020 – 21 in my designs I have used a lot of metal. My charms are gilded and silver-plated mainly with emphasis on archaic designs and geometric shapes in simple lines and special curves.


-Where can someone buy your jewelry?

-My creations can be bought in various stores throughout Greece as well as in some foreign countries. At the same time, one can contact me via Instagram, facebook or e-mail.


-You have lived and worked in New York for major and well-known fashion magazines. Would you like to describe your work routine there? 


-I will talk to you about the American ELLE, for which I worked in New York.

One day was not the same as the other. Some days we made stories that had the same concept and collected many different accessories from well-known designers for this purpose.
Other times we went to amazing studios in Manhattan to take photos with famous models. I typically remember one of these studios was in front of the Hudson river and had an elevator that could fit in a small van!

During the photo shoot, they had exactly what we needed from lights and equipment as well as incredible pastries, coffee, tea and the rest from well-known delicatessens.


Another time I remember I went to the Diamond district in downtown Manhattan to get diamonds and take them to a studio in Brooklyn, where we photographed them. This was a bit stressful because I was responsible for them, which of course we returned immediately after the photo shoot!

The security doors of the wholesale shops, from where we borrowed them, were over 20 cm thick!


– You also made celebrity P.R. in N.Y. Who did you work for?


-I have worked for Mickey Rourke’s publicist and therefore for Mickey himself! Specifically when he was nominated for the movie the Wrestler. We then won five awards. We made the image for him, we helped him in the interviews and much more. I often went to his house to carry various documents, to leave the clothes and everything he needed.

To me Mickey is a great actor and at the same time an incredible boxer. I felt more familiar with him because I also do boxing, the truth is.

-Would you like to tell us some well-known names of the American and British show biz that you had intercourse with?


-I have met several celebrities in various places in New York. Some of them are Black eyed peas singer Fergie, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, several famous models, Betty Middler, famous designers such as DVF, DKNY and many others.



MersedesBenz’sFashionWeek and other shows. You have contributed to these events.


-I started going to the American fashionweek when I was working for the American ELLEaccessories.


For two seasons I also helped WsIntern in organizing these producers. The experience I gained was unique.

My favorite moment was when I was working next to VeraWang with the productionhouseKCD for one of its shows.


-Greek Vogue– Experiences…


-When I returned to Greece and I was received with love in Greek Vogue, my colleagues were surprised when I asked them where their “wardrobe” is.


The “wardrobe” in a magazine is the room, which houses all the clothes and accessories from well-known designers. These are borrowed by each magazine so that it can use them in the photos and then of course returns them.


In the Greek vogue, the closet was in the basement, next to the parking lot in a room that did not even have painted walls, even though the rest of the building was state of the art.


This was a small shock to me. I was used to it from American ELLE and American Vogue, where I was lucky enough to be at some point, as well as from Harpers Bazaar, where I remember his closet was on the 26th floor, in a glass skyscraper overlooking all of Manhattan. when choosing clothes and accessories.


-You have also worked as a model of Burberry…


-I did promotional modeling for Burberry and I was promoting the then new perfume the Bit, in the Macys store.

Every time I left work and went to Subway to go home and always a random passenger asked me what perfume I was wearing. As you can understand, “I was bathed in the perfume” and he really liked it.


-You have a strong Instagram at CWILHELMINA and you are an influencer in big companies.


-After 10 years of building my instagram profile, I now work with large companies such as DKNY, Mac, Attika, Adidas, Fila, Diptyque, Laura Mercier and other well-known companies.


-How difficult is it to build a serious professional Instagram? Can anyone consult you? Are there reliable applications that transform in a natural way?


-I think that if someone is really interested in creating a proper professional account, he should take lessons because there are so many things he does not know. Of course there are several applications that help you in many different places to build a proper profile. Some of them are Later, Canvas, Facetune etc and if you are in the mood you can experiment.

-What is your opinion about Tik-Tok?


-I personally love Tik-Tok. It started to become famous teenagers, but at the moment it has evolved into many other age groups.

The point is to understand at Tik-Tokot that you have to choose a niche market and deal with it.

Many companies are currently spending large sums of money on Tik-Tok to promote their products while also earning a lot of money. It has helped small businesses as well as large multinationals increase their profits.


-You have worked in colleges in Greece for fashion marketing and you do seminars in big companies with this subject.


– I have taught Fashion Marketing and Strategy at BCA as well as Instagram and Pinterest at the Digital Diploma of The American College of Greece – Deree

A unique experience to teach young and older people who have an appetite to learn new things that help them in their lives.



-Special moments from your student years at Deree?

What should I remember? The wonderful events that we organize in the marketing society or in the Advertising Special group? The laughter in the corridors, the wonderful conferences with professors and executives of big companies that gave us the lights for our later career.


-Writers for American travel sites for luxuryhotels. How did this come about?

-I review very good hotels, I visit them and then I write about them evaluating their services, buildings, staff, service and much more.

The owner of this site had met me by chance because I was a close friend of his editor-in-chief at American Fashion Week and he had suggested it to me since I lived in New York and so I started.


-Do you prefer life in Greece or would you like to have stayed in New York?


-I think I will upset the Greek readers because I will choose New York!

New York is a city where you evolve every second. It gives you incredible opportunities and mainly the capable and the one who has passion for his object moves forward and not the one who knows someone, as is usual in Greece.


-Shorts despite the crown…


-I hope everything goes well worldwide and that we are free to travel without fear of anything! Thank you Zeta, Thank you Axianews …



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