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Did you find an injured dog or cat? How to help it

Learn how to help an injured animal. Which veterinary clinics, in Attica and Thessaloniki, provide their services 24 hours a day No creature deserves a slow, painful death on the tarmac. Because some unconscious and cowardly vehicle driver abandoned it, helpless and helpless to save his life. According to article 16, par. C of L.4039, […]

Nia Hefe Filiogianni
Nia Hefe Filiogianni: “The Cream Athens Art Platform was created out of despair at my beginning in the field of art”

Interview with Sofia-Iliana Georgiadi Stefania (Nia) and I were classmates at Deree in Visual Art. We have collaborated many times for the Visual Art Society. After completing her studies at the (DEREE) American College of Greece with a degree in Visual Arts and Art History she received a scholarship for postgraduate studies in communication design […]

Ioanna Anousaki: “Dance is my life”

Conversation with Sofia Iliana Georgiadi She went to New York, danced at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, choreographed for the Eurovision Gala Night in Luxembourg for two consecutive years, participated in clips of famous singers, in the movie “Angelo” produced by Markus Schleinzer and many more. She is a person who has fought to […]