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Efforts begin to change the Statute and eventually the Constitution is amended so the Association becomes co-ed. Additional changes are made in the way the Board of Directors is elected. Each Board is granted a four year term, elections are held every two years and a system which ensures renewal of the Board members is […]


President Ms. Dasiou is invited to participate as an ex officio in meetings of the Board to elect a new President for the schools, granted full opinion and vote. From then onwards, a Council Board is usually held in Greece. There are visits of Board members, but the ACG President occasionally attends meetings in Boston.


During the invasion of Cyprus, the Board of Directors, in cooperation with all committees, provides whatever assistance it can to Cyprus by fundraising among alumni and sending clothes and blankets. At the same time, they open a bank account towards the cause and the Board “adopts” a young Cypriot child.


The College is named in honor of Greek American DEREE, Darachani, thanks to the large donations he has given towards the school, mainly the library. The Board hosts a big reception in honor of Mr. DEREE.


The Association purchases for 360,000 drachmae the clubhouse we have today at 3, Kartali St. Moreover, the Board tries to convince the Council Committees of Boston that a Local Board needs to be held in Greece (an old request of all the Boards of Directors) and, on the other hand, sends minutes of their meetings […]


The Alumnae Prize is established for high school. This prize is awarded jointly by the Association’s Board of Directors and the School. During the last years, there has been a switch and the Mills Prize is awarded to a lyceum alumnus on the day of the Banquet and the Alumnae Prize to a DEREE alumnus […]


A revolutionary act back then, the Association prevents the mansion of Angeliki Hatzimichali in Plaka from being rented out as a tavern. It converts it to the group’s meeting point and, through the Alumni Committee, offers it for the daily use of alumni. Having survived, today it belongs to the municipality of Athens that has […]


The Association helps the Welfare School to not only be shut down by the then Ministry of Welfare but also to overcome their internal operational problems by offering money along with volunteer work.