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Exhibition Fragile Handle with Care at ACG Gallery, Deree the American College of Greece

Exhibition Fragile Handle with Care at Deree the American College of Greece

The Visual Art program presents

Senior Project 2022
An exhibition featuring the work of graduating students: Maria E Allen, Alexia Celia Peza, Alex Rokadakis, Petra’s Tatsiopoulos and Nori Tsouloucha

Duration: April 12-15, May 2-6

Opening hours: 15:00 – 18:00

The Visual Arts Program of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts of Deree – The American College of Greece, is very pleased to present its Senior exhibition 2022 in the ACG Gallery and library, Exhibition Fragile – Handle with Care.

Students completing the Visual Arts program have spent a full academic year to research and realize a project related to their specific interests as emerging visual artists. Graduating students, Alexia Celia Peza, Petros Tatsiopoulos and Nori Tsouloucha are joined by Maria E Allen and Alexandros Rokadakis, who both graduated during pandemic quarantine and are at last able to present work physically. Please join us at the opening to see the live performance of Nori Tsouloucha and meet the artists.
Exhibition Fragile – Handle with Care presents artworks scattered but also intertwined in an atmosphere of negative space. Portraits trace the changing face of trauma, a collective ritual is performed through cutting away at a historical text, light animates entangled bodies made visible through absence, abandoned skateboards of marble memorialize injury, and sound acts are separated from their acoustic and always subjective consequences. Two years into pandemic, their futures framed by global uncertainties, the students, with courage and insight, declare both hurt and desire. Their work is a call to attention.

Alexandros Rokadaki’s work, Distorted Memories, is composed of traumatic objects. Marble skateboards and components from a deconstructed skatepark allude to something monumental. Used and destroyed skateboards create a form of history. No longer functional, in a state of decay, they survive as altered memories. This series of objects are traumatized by their previous function. A surreal composition on the meaning of ruin and of memory.

Maria E Allen’s work Lack έλλειψις II consists of a series of stencils that explore self, intimacy and attachment as manifested through the body. The title expresses both content and form. The work is informed by a theoretical exploration of the representation of bodies in western art history and how this is affected by societal notions around gender. The project addresses the lack of representations of the body from the perspectives of women. Lack έλλειψις also refers to the work’s creative process, which involves cutting out and removing, in order to let the light come through. The work comes alive with sunlight.

In Alexia Celia Peza’s Emotional Currents, the artist works through an emotional narrative through the practice of painting. Alternating between realism and abstraction, the artist reconfigures portraits to depict daily moods. Stepping between the past and present, between the memories of a time before loss and the life affected forever after, the artist uses intuition and imagination as tools for self-discovery and healing.

Nori Tsouloucha creates a mediated, interspatial environment in which to process the past, and they invite the audience to participate. An old history book, representing old anguish, is destroyed to give shape to a symbolic ritual. Audience and performer co-create and facilitate the transformation of trauma into a small pile of ash.

Petros Tatsiopoulos’ project Stem is an installation of sound, space, time, and sculpted speakers. It is an abstract installation about origins that cannot be particularized: oscillations, waves and spectra in a never-ending, stochastic, additive synthesis. Immersive sound is combined with the visual element of its reproduction system in a state of de- composition. Spectators are responsible for the presence of sound.

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