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Stray Action Committee


Around the end of the summer of 2013, the President of the ACG Alumni, Mrs Zeta Tzioti introduced to the BoD, the idea of organizing animal welfare, non-profit committee, as a gesture to contribute to the wellbeing of stray animals in Greece.
So, she asked a friend and Deree graduate Mrs Angelica Herra, well known to her, for hands-on experience with stray animal rescues and love to all animals, whether she would like to be responsible for this Committee.

Angelica Herra was thrilled by the idea and in September 2013 ACG Alumni Association Stray Action Committee was founded. In 2015 the newly elected president Mrs Vivian Giannopoulou and the board members continued to support the Stray Action Committee, with the exceptional helping hand of Mrs Bessy Chrysostomou.


The Committee is dedicated to taking care of any stray animal (cat or dog) in need. Priority is given to injured animals and those in need of treatment. Next step is neutering and vaccination. The final goal is to trace responsible families, “pet parents” and ideally rehome the stray animals. At this point, it’s critical to mention that we do not provide any shelter premises, which means that if an animal is neutered or treated and nobody shows interest in adopting her, would have to be replaced at the same area where was originally picked up, as the relevant legislation imposes.


The most active members, who physically deal with stray animal rescues are the following:
Dido Magriotis, Gianna Tagiou, Imene Pampouka, Areti Moussama, Olga Karati, Korina Katsikopoulou, Tom Sbonias, Zacharias Papadopoulos, Angelica Herra and occasionally other people who may contact us through our FB Page around Greece.


Having done a flashback on our action, we feel so grateful, because of the support and commitment to our mission.

Our accomplishments due to our friends’ support & donations are as follow:

€4,386.20 spent on neutering, vaccination & veterinary treatments
€776.01 spent on veterinary medication
€601.27 spent on feeding
Total amount spent on stray animals in the past 3yrs €5,763.48.

We also took care of 4 dogs staying at The Smile of the Child, Melissia home.


Apart from our main target of rescuing, neutering, vaccinating and rehabilitating stray animals, we are keen on educating people, especially the new generation, on issues of responsible pet ownership, respecting animals and effective handling of animals in our domesticated environment.
In one of our events, we invited SAPT Hellas (Stray Action Pet Therapy) to offer a presentation to our guests. SAPT is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005, consists of a team of former stray dogs and their handlers(owners) who visit schools and other institutions for educational purposes, as well as therapeutic sessions with their specially trained therapy dogs, to people with special needs or illnesses.

In the context of our educational role, the ACG Alumni Association Stray Action Committee is delighted to announce, that Angelica Herra started studying Dog training and behaviour at the Victoria Stilwell Academy, for positive dog training. By the end of March 2017, she will be a VSA dog trainer graduate.
Victoria Stilwell is a world-renowned dog trainer and a vocal proponent of positive training, based on reward, force-free, pain-free, non-punitive and positive reinforcement methods only! Furthermore, positive training is supported by various scientific evidence.

Positive dog training methods and techniques are the so-called ‘’ modern-day’’ training, versus the traditional ‘’old-fashion’’ one.
In other words, we would rather reward and appreciate good behaviour, instead of punishing bad behaviour.

Ignoring bad behaviour, it’s more likely to become extinct or reduced, while rewarding good behaviour makes most promising, that this behaviour will continue to be offered.


At this point, may I take the opportunity to thank all our friends, our lottery sponsors and followers, for supporting the ACG Alumni Association Stray Action Committee?
We will keep doing our best to save strays around Greece, but also to change society’s attitude, to a more pet-friendly, responsible, loving and trustworthy. Looking forward to joining our teamwork.



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