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Chloe Akrithaki
Daphne Kalogeropoulou
Sculptress Venia Dimitrakopoulou
Marsa Makris – Cinema & Theatre Director and Writer
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Lydia Iatraki: a talented and accomplished pianist and singer!
Chris’ love for adventure and living life to the fullest, led him to become a photographer.
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Katerina Soldatou: “I wanted to be two things – Superman and a ballerina. Every year, I insisted on dressing up like Superman to save the world.”
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Panos Karan: “If I can leave this world even a bit better than I found it, then mine is a life worth living.”
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Christina P. Mallaki: Tik-Tok has helped small businesses and large multinationals to increase their profits
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Our graduate Nikos Sfakianakis is an ethnographic director, co-founder of the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival
Our Alumna Amalia Charikiopoulou believes there are innumerable worlds of creative expression!
Our graduate Konstantinos Dagritzikos is the owner and artistic director of the cultural space six dogs
Nia Hefe Filiogianni
Nia Hefe Filiogianni: “The Cream Athens Art Platform was created out of despair at my beginning in the field of art”
Ioanna Anousaki: “Dance is my life”
Αιμιλία Παπαφιλίππου
Emilia Papafilippou: “I consider Art a technology of thought and a strategy of evolution”