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Dog and muzzle: Safety or prejudice?

Even in our day, when scientific behavior and training of dogs have made significant progress, there are still prejudices about the muzzle

“Look! He wears a muzzle on his dog! “Imagine how wild he is.”

“Is it possible to wear a muzzle on his dog? The poor… What a heartless guardian! ».

These are some of the comments often made by those who see a dog accompanied by its owner / guardian.

Even in our day, when scientific behavior and dog training have made significant progress, these prejudices still exist.

The graduate dog trainer (VSA-CDT, DoggoneSafe-Bite Safety Educator) and volunteer in animal welfare organizations, Angelika Herra, explains why we need to familiarize our dog with the muzzle, but also the reasons why an owner can, or should, to wear it.

The graduate dog trainer (VSA-CDT, DoggoneSafe-Bite Safety Educator) and volunteer in animal welfare organizations, Angelika Herra

“The science of dog behavior and training has evolved a lot in recent years. However, the image of a dog with a muzzle around its mouth is misinterpreted, causing negative emotions and misconceptions about the temperament of the dog and its guardian.

The truth is that at some point in our dog’s life, he may need to wear a muzzle. Either for health reasons (eg pain management, or discomfort to the vet), or for safety, in order to avoid possible, unpredictable bites due to an unexpected stimulus (piece of mind of the guardian). Or to protect him from poisoned food.

Personally, I always suggest to dog guardians, in addition to socialization and basic training, to familiarize their dog with situations and objects – accessories. This is so that if they need to wear a muzzle on their dog in the future, they can manage it without fear, anxiety, or uncertainty (husbandry).

The muzzle, in addition to its traditional purpose, to protect people from a dog bite, also serves the safety of the dog itself. It does not allow him to access contaminated food, or anything else that is dangerous to his health.

In addition, a guardian who knows that his dog, during the walk, is reactive to various stimuli, putting his muzzle is calmer. As a result, the dog enjoys the walk much more, without stress.

A basic rule before applying the muzzle is the timely and correct familiarization of our dog with the appropriate muzzle, given its breed (muzzle training).

Under no circumstances should we use the muzzle unless our dog is comfortable with it first.

An informative video, with which one can be fully informed about the gradual training in the application of a muzzle, is that of Chirag Patel “How to train the dog in the muzzle”.

So, it’s time to dispel the myths surrounding the image of a dog with a muzzle.First myth
Only dogs that have been bitten in the past wear a muzzle. Of course not. A dog can wear a muzzle for many reasons.
Such as if he develops reactive behavior on the street towards passers-by or children, cyclists, skates, or other external stimuli with which he is not fully familiar.Dogs that have a highly developed sense of the hunter towards their prey (high prey drive), it is good to wear a muzzle for the safety of other, smaller animals.

Dogs that are accustomed to grabbing anything from the ground to eat, or are being trained to break the habit, can also wear a muzzle for safety.

Also, dogs that by law must wear a muzzle, without facing a problem of aggressive behavior.

Second myth
My dog ​​is friendly – sociable. Why put a muzzle on it? This is not the case because biting is a normal behavior for a dog, just like talking and shouting for a human, or crying for a baby.

Personally, I believe that every dog, at least once in his life, will be forced to express his negative emotions through a bite. If the right person is not found to interpret the warning signs, then the dog will bite in order to keep his distance from the stimulus – a threat he has to face, in order to remain safe!

Even the most sociable dog, when he feels pain or some other intense emotion, is very likely and normal to bite.

Third myth
With the muzzle the dog can not breathe, or drink water! Error. Using the right muzzle, in the right size for our dog, allows free breathing, water consumption, but also some delicacy.
Such muzzles are what look like a basket. The dog will love its muzzle, if you spread a little peanut butter on its inner side (always without sugar and without sweeteners!).Proper information and education helps us not to live with prejudices and to respect guardians with dogs with muzzles, but also to encourage people to train their dogs with this accessory. No one knows if and when a dog may need it. It is our duty, as responsible guardians, to have our dog happy and safe, in a world that tries every day to know something new “.
Source: ygeiamou.gr

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