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These holidays we can do something for stray animals by buying Christmas decorations and contributing to the care of homeless pets This Christmas we buy Christmas decorations and help the homeless, who need us so much. The animal welfare committee of the Alumni Association of the American College of Greece and the ACG Stray Action […]

Dog and muzzle: Safety or prejudice?

Even in our day, when scientific behavior and training of dogs have made significant progress, there are still prejudices about the muzzle “Look! He wears a muzzle on his dog! “Imagine how wild he is.” “Is it possible to wear a muzzle on his dog? The poor… What a heartless guardian! ». These are some […]

Recognize the dog’s signs of discomfort

The dog also has its limits, let’s not forget it. When a dog attacks and how we can distinguish its moods A dog never attacks for no reason. To get to this point, we must be indifferent, or not recognize the signals it sends us. The glass will overflow if we exceed its limits. The […]

Did you find an injured dog or cat? How to help it

Learn how to help an injured animal. Which veterinary clinics, in Attica and Thessaloniki, provide their services 24 hours a day No creature deserves a slow, painful death on the tarmac. Because some unconscious and cowardly vehicle driver abandoned it, helpless and helpless to save his life. According to article 16, par. C of L.4039, […]