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Lydia Iatraki: a talented and accomplished pianist and singer!

Proudly presenting Pierce and Deree alumna Lydia Iatraki, a talented and accomplished pianist and singer! After spending her school years at Pierce, Lydia chose Deree for her Music Performance degree while at the same time pursuing Parallel Studies at the Greek University. Deree was instrumental in her singing as it gave her the chance to […]

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Katerina Soldatou: “I wanted to be two things – Superman and a ballerina. Every year, I insisted on dressing up like Superman to save the world.”

Katerina Soldatou, Deree alumna Because Greece has Soul Meet extreme aerial dancer Katerina Soldatou, a Deree alumna, causing quite the sensation dangling off of Greece’s beautiful landmarks on billowing colorful fabric strips. She spoke to us about her motivation, her time at Deree, and her various initiatives and causes she believes in.   She takes […]

Nia Hefe Filiogianni
Nia Hefe Filiogianni: “The Cream Athens Art Platform was created out of despair at my beginning in the field of art”

Interview with Sofia-Iliana Georgiadi Stefania (Nia) and I were classmates at Deree in Visual Art. We have collaborated many times for the Visual Art Society. After completing her studies at the (DEREE) American College of Greece with a degree in Visual Arts and Art History she received a scholarship for postgraduate studies in communication design […]

Ioanna Anousaki: “Dance is my life”

Conversation with Sofia Iliana Georgiadi She went to New York, danced at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, choreographed for the Eurovision Gala Night in Luxembourg for two consecutive years, participated in clips of famous singers, in the movie “Angelo” produced by Markus Schleinzer and many more. She is a person who has fought to […]