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Daphne Kalogeropoulou

Daphne Kalogeropoulou is an alumna of the American College of Greece (Pierce College) from where she graduated with honors. She began to study Classics at the National Kapodistrian University and at the same time music at the Athens Conservatory, when she received a scholarship from Berklee College of Music to study singing and music. She began her studies in the United States, but realized that her true passion was Psychology.


She returned to Greece and studied Psychology at Deree College, from where she graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude. She completed a one-year training in Clinical Psychopathology at Aiginiteio Hospital, while at the same time worked for two years in a Prenatal Clinic, providing psychological support to women with prenatal problems. For four years she participated in the political show “x2” with Giannis Politis as a psychologist on the TV channel Action 24.


In 2018 she prepared and presented the psychology show “Psychograph” on B.A.I. TV Channel. At the same time, she started her own YouTube Channel to provide free psychology videos to support people in need, an effort that quickly became a large family of 31,500 people.


She has published five books, the last of which were published by Kedros Publications and in 2020 she wrote the prologue for the book “When We Stayed Home” (published by Katexis Publications) with 50 stories of individuals and mental health professionals about the quarantine period.


She has received three national awards and a special distinction award in fields of Art (2000-2002) as well as the Korallia Krokodeilou Award (2002) which was awarded to her by the American College of Greece.


She has been an speaker in dozens of conferences and in May 2021, she was invited by the Democritus University of Thrace, to be a speaker at Tedx, organized by the same University (TedxDUTH).


Finally, in 2021 she was granted an assistanship and a full scholarship to study Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Henderson State University in the United States.

– Ms Kalogeropoulou, do you know why your parents chose this school for you?


My mom was also an alumnaand always praised the school(which was thenlocatedin Elliniko). She used to tell us about the educational visit theymade to the famous poet’s, George Seferis,house. Or aboutthe History lessonsthey took with the great Elli Giotopoulou; and that when shewas teaching her classes about the Destruction of Smyrna, all students wouldmake a bet that theywould not cry and yet everyone would leave the class in tears…

– You have worked as a music teacher in the Summer program of the College. How did you feel?


I will always remember the way each child expressed their thoughts and feelings through music. We had a great time andin late summer I had a really difficult time accepting our music sessions had come to an end.However, among other things, we recordeda CD and so I listen to itand remember my students till this day.

-What was your experience from your hosting at Tedx?


When I received the invitation from the Democritus University of Thrace, I knew it would be a life-changing experience. We were 7 speakers from various fields – from an astronaut, or an Everest climber, to an Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who spoke to us about trafficking. Tedx is like a multidisciplinary intensive seminar, which massively contributes to someone’s expansion. Finally, I can not fail to mention the great hospitality we received from the TedxDUTH team, their impeccable professionalism, as well as the amazing tour that the students gave us in beautiful Xanthi.

-Special moments from your school years at Pierce and your student years at Deree?


I will not forget the Open House and the celebrationsduring whichwe played music with our band, the awesome trips we made to the Anatolia Championship in Thessaloniki with the volleyball team, the melodramaticmoments we experienced in“Caffeine”, while studying for the Panhellenic Exams, as well as the profound academic knowledge wegained from our professors, which has proven profoundly valuable until today.


A special moment at Deree was when two of my classmates and I participated with a research projectin the 12th European Psychology Conference in Istanbul- an amazing experience that I will never forget.

-What qualities did Pierce and Deree give you?


My education both in Pierce and Dereehelped me gain invaluable knowledge and expertise, but also equipped me with passionand curiosity for learning. I cultivated my critical thinking, creativity and desire to contributeto others, in the same way that the School has contributed to my involvement.


Even after graduation, the Alumni Office and its former head, Klontia Karydi, assisted me tremendously. When I published my first three books, the Alumni Office offered to organize and promote their presentation. Also, the Alumni Association with its president, Zeta Tzioti has always been supporting me. For example, during my visits to the  Correctional Institution of Eleona, the Association eagerly offered to assist me by gathering a huge amount of supplies, which were then transported to Thebes and handed out to the inmates.

– You use different artistic means of expression, writing, music, how do they interact in your work?


I cannot recall a single day in my life, when arts were not proven valuable to me. At first glance, YouTubeseems to be a platformforamateurs,however, it progressivelybecomes a complex project in which one must know aboutcameras,microphones, video editing, design, and ofcourse,music. After all, just the process of speaking in front of a camera requires experience in public speaking, exposure and self-expression. There is no doubt mystudies in singing greatly contributed to this end.

– Tell us about the book you published titled “MagdalenesXwris Ypermacho”


It is a love story between two women which takes place at the Correctional Institution of Eleona. As Athena Malapani exceptionally writes, the story raises “fundamental existential questions concerning the system of justice, the written and unwritten laws, the process of rehabilitation, the ways society treats prisoners, the stereotypes and prejudices that plague imprisoned people, past and present “. It is a literary work that is enriched with research in order to highlight crucial psychological and sociological dimensions. Finally, I had the opportunity to interview former inmates, and incorporate their testimonies in the book.

– Books you have published?


– “Empisteusou” (2007) Pyrinos Kosmos Publications

– “Apeikasmata” (2008) Kastaniotis-Diatton Publications

– “The Phenomenon of Psychhalouda” (2011) Cosmoware Publications

– “Koitakse me gia na do poia eimai” (2014) Kedros Publications

– “Magdalenes xwris Ypermaxo” (2017), Kedros Publications

-Tell us some things about your YouTube Channel


My channel provides free psychology videos on all topics. It is intended to offer psychological support at home, and help people progressively change their negative beliefs to more positive ones. Through systematic monitoring the dysfunctional ways of thinking that we have internalized since childhood are gradually substituted with mental clarity, a problem-solving capability, the ability to overcome obstacles and the drive to work towards self-progression and expansion.

Social media:

YouTube: Dafni Kalogeropoulou

Facebook: Dafni Kalogeropoulou

Instagram: Δάφνη Καλογεροπούλου Ψυχολογία

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