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These holidays we can do something for stray animals by buying Christmas decorations and contributing to the care of homeless pets

This Christmas we buy Christmas decorations and help the homeless, who need us so much.

The animal welfare committee of the Alumni Association of the American College of Greece and the ACG Stray Action Committee, had the idea to select Christmas decorations, made by 13 artists, and the proceeds to be donated to the care of stray animals.

The animal welfare committee of the Alumni Association of the American College of Greece, since 2013 sterilizes, feeds and tries to raise public awareness about the stray animals of our country.

According to the head of the committee, ACG Alumni Association Stray Action Committee, Angelika Herra, the volunteers undertake the neutering, feeding, but also the vaccination of stray dogs and cats. At the same time, they take care of the treatment of the animals, in cases where it is required.

When it is not possible to put the animal back on the street – according to the current legislation – an effort is made for responsible adoptions.

The volunteers of the Animal Welfare Committee also inform the citizens about issues such as the safety and well-being of stray animals, and the coexistence of guardian – pet in the urban environment.

As Ms. Herra explains, “We are proponents of modern dog-positive training, as it is the most effective, documented, ethical and human form of learning behaviors towards a sentimental animal.

Our ultimate goal is to raise public awareness of the social problem of “animals without families” in our country and to increase adoptions, but also to reduce the phenomenon of abandonment of pets, due to behavioral problems or lack of knowledge.

Our committee faithfully follows four principles: Love – Knowledge – Respect – Culture “.

So, if you want to support the volunteer work, you can order decorations with a simple phone call to 6945.385.307, while you can see the Christmas decorations on the facebook page of the Stray Action Committee.

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