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Sculptress Venia Dimitrakopoulou (PC)

Sculptress Venia Dimitrakopoulou was born in Athens where she lives and works. She graduated from Pierce – The American College of Greece in 1983, and went on to study Theater at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire. She also attended sculpture classes at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) with Professor Theodoros Papagiannis, […]

Marsa Makris – Cinema & Theatre Director and Writer

Marsa Makris(P ’76) is an acclaimed cinema and theatre director and writer currently based in Greece.Her latest feature-length film Ierόsyloi (Sacrilege), co-produced by the Greek Film Centre and ERT – the Greek National Broadcasting Network – won the prize for best original soundtrack at theX’-Edition of Otranto Film Fund International Festivalin Italy for 2018. It […]

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Lydia Iatraki: a talented and accomplished pianist and singer!

Proudly presenting Pierce and Deree alumna Lydia Iatraki, a talented and accomplished pianist and singer! After spending her school years at Pierce, Lydia chose Deree for her Music Performance degree while at the same time pursuing Parallel Studies at the Greek University. Deree was instrumental in her singing as it gave her the chance to […]

Student Council Elections Social Media Graphic
Candidates for the 2021 elections

The Board of our Association consists of 12 members (6 graduates from Pierce College and 6 graduates from Deree College) and in the elections the Board is renewed by half (3 from each College) for a 4-year term. In the elections of the last Friday weekend of June 2021, the candidates are the following:   […]